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Dec 10, 2010

Linkin Park Logo Start Menu Button (Windows 7 only)

Here's a screenshot:

It has a nice hover/clicked state too.

For the people who want it too, here's a simple tutorial.
It isn't hard and you can always change it back  (I'm not responsible if it causes any problems though, of which the chance is minimal)

How-To Install in 5 simple steps:
1) Download the .ZIP file attached to this post
2) Unzip the file
3) Open 'Windows 7 Start Button Changer.exe'
4) Click the start button icon next to 'Select & Change Start Button', and then select my LP orb image
5) Wait for it to show up and enjoy 

- In the rare eventuality that you lose your explorer.exe, then from your desktop, press CTRL-SHIFT-ESC to bring up the Task Manager. Click File tab > New Task > Type cmd > Click Run. In the command prompt which opens, type sfc /scannow and hit enter. Restart when asked to.

IF in x64 version, you receive an ‘unhandled exception‘ error, please click on Continue or try running it again ‘As an Admin‘.

IF the Start Button does not get changed, you may have to follow these steps:
a) Make sure that the program is closed.
b) Manually take ownership of “C:\Windows\explorer.exe”
c) Run the program and select the orb. It should now work.


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