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Aug 18, 2010

Top 10 Must Try Firefox Add-Ons

You can enhance your Firefox with the best add-ons which adds features not available with Firefox alone. All of these add-ons can be downloaded directly from addons.mozilla.org

Click Read More to get the Full List of Must have Add-Ons for FireFox..

Fastestfox: The best ever firefox add-on. Click on the address bar and type a word, it automatically searches for the website and gives a dropdown list of matching websites to choose from.It also loads the next page automatically when you scroll down to the bottom. Makes surfing easier and faster

Skip screen: This add-on is a must have for users who wish to download files from rapid share or mega upload and similar sites.
It does not remove the timer from websites that make you wait. But it skips unnecessary pages on sites like Rapidshare, now you
dont have click through ad-laden pages and wait for countdowns.

Tab mix plus: Undo closed tabs or windows,restore sessions and manage tab options. Excellent tool

Tiny menu: Combines the menu bar into a single dropdown menu. Very neat and handy

Flashblock: Annoyed with flash websites? This addon will prevent any flash objects from loading.Including youtube videos, if you want to view the flash object, just click on the F button that appears over the object.
Easy youtube video downloader and Fast youtube downloader: Both the add-ons can be used to download videos from youtube in various formats.

***Note: There is a trick to download youtube videos without an add-on.Click on the address bar and replace y in youtube with 3 and hit enter, For example: if the original link is
, Replacing y with 3 would be
You will be taken to a page with download options for the video. But you can only download in FLV and MP4, if you want to download in different formats try the below two add-ons.

Paste Email (original):
A cool add-on which can be used to fill up text in forms with a right-click.
Note:Once installed, go to add-ons and select Paste email and click on options, enter the email addresses or usernames or your physical mailing address in the text boxes.
Now you can use them at any time, for signing in to your accounts or signing up for any website without the hassle of typing.

DownThemAll : A download manager that is actually integrated IN firefox, easy to use and incredibly fast.Comes with a download manager too. Supports pause/resume.Just right click on the source link from where the file has to be downloaded and start the download with DownThemAll.

Fission: Shows a progress bar in your address bar, yes yes they copied it from Apple Safari. Quite cool looking.

Webmail Notifier: One of the best add-ons, manage all your email accounts from one place. Now you dont even have to login to your account to check if a new mail has arrived. Install this, and disable auto-login for webmail notifier at the add-on’s screen.
Enter your email address and password for any email service, you can enter multiple addresses for each mail service, but only one in each mail service can be selected as default. Eg: If you have 2 yahoo accounts, 1 hotmail account and 3 gmail accounts, only 1 can be default for gmail and yahoo. This little add-on sits on the status bar and notifies you with a small pop up when a mail arrives
Better Privacy: Deletes flash cookies, and non deletable cookies from sites like youtube or ebay, Google. Very useful to keep your tracks clean.

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