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Jul 1, 2010

Configuration Mania Firefox Addon Makes Editing Firefox Preferences Easier

 Firefox hidden settings/preferences can be changed/edited using the about:config, But it’s difficult for beginners to change as the interface is a bit confusing and suites a seasoned user.

Configuration Mania is a config mania prefs2 Configuration Mania Firefox Addon Makes 
Editing Firefox Preferences Easierfirefox addon that allows users to easily configure various firefox hidden preferences with a more intuitive interface for the about:config.This addon gives a good user interface to customize and control various aspects of your browser that are usually hidden away and difficult to remember.
The Advanced Settings can be be accessed from “Tool -> Options -> “Configuration Mania“… to open setting dialog.
Preference settings are put under 5 Tabs, Browser, Security, HTTP Network, UI and Debug.This addon also doubles up like other addons like User Agent Switcher, because the a fake “User Agent” can be set from the “User Agent” option under the Browser Tab.
All the settings can be reverted to defaults, by clicking the “Reset” button.It works on Firefox: 3.0 – 3.6.*

Download Configuaration Mania Firefox Addon

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